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2nd International Communication Management Conference (ICMC), 2015 (at MICA, Ahmedabad, India)–‘Digital Future- Content, Community & Communication’

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Research in digital technologies has spanned across many years, building an increasing awareness on the evolution, contexts and implications of the use of these technologies. In a digital era, where our daily interactions and social relations are infused with various devices, platforms, software, infrastructures and their associated logics, our digital present is framed by the paradox of unprecedented potentials for widespread knowledge-diffusion and participation on one hand and an equally unprecedented and intrusive large-scale surveillance and control on the other. The complexity of this paradox is exacerbated by the inequalities of access to technologies and the cultural and technical literacies that enable their optimized utility. In projecting a digital future, there is a need to re-conceptualize this paradox in new and innovative ways that allow for the imagination of alternatives. Arguably, this will require making connections between the various parts of the ecologies of digital technologies.

How is communication in digital spaces evolving to take into account new forces at global and local levels? What are the new ways in which communities define themselves through their practices in these spaces? New communities are increasingly becoming digitally literate, and young people in particular are actively involved in the consumption of new media. What might be the implications of this involvement in the future of digital technologies and in a world that is shaped by these technologies? How can various partners collaborate on invigorating the creation and distribution of digital content so as to bring multiple perspectives to the table? Specifically, what role can the industry play in contributing to the economic, social, cultural and political discourses related to these technologies?

For the industry, the international academic setting provides one of the best ways to engage in an understanding of what are perhaps, the most disruptive phenomena of modern era that has forever changed the way consumers are seen and marketed to. The paper presentations embodying the latest research of academia from across the globe, are going to be interspersed with panel discussions of leading industry professionals that focus on key areas of the digital future. The discussions and interactions would provide rare insights and sharing of both experience and vision; they will be a must-attend for those who wish to not only understand the digital landscape, but also leverage it for their business sustenance and growth.


–Team ICMC

Link to ICMC 2015 Blog: https://micaicmc2015.wordpress.com/


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